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About Hatchimals

Glittering Garden Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside of glittery eggs! Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! Care for them in-egg, help them hatch, and discover everything they can do! You never know exactly who you’ll hatch! Each Glittering Garden Hatchimal has sparkly fur and twinkly wings.

Help Them Hatch

Love and care for your egg! Listen to hear its heartbeat and watch the eyes light up from inside the egg! Tap the glimmering surface and your Hatchimal will really tap back! When you’ve played with it enough, your magical creature will peck its way out of the egg – but only with your help! Who will You hatch?

Raise Your Hatchimal

Now that you’ve met your new Glittering Garden Hatchimal, raise them through 3 stages: from baby, to toddler, to kid. At each stage they’ll sing ‘Hatchy Birthday’ to themself! Teach your Hatchimal to walk, talk, dance and more.

Play Interactive Games

Glittering Garden Hatchimals love to play! There are so many fun games to try! Play ‘Silly Sounds’, ‘Hatchimal Says’ and more. Who will win at a round of tag – you or your Hatchimal? For endless hatchy fun, bring home a Glittering Garden Hatchimal./p>